An expert division of the Procorre Group, Cybercorre was established in 2018 when consultants within Procorre’s network collaborated to create a new, comprehensive cyber security platform.

Cybercorre is a holistic cyber security platform which encompasses a vast range of different technologies to provide expert services to organisations. As a part of Procorre’s network, Cybercorre is backed by a global management consultancy and has access to countless expertise, resources and benefits as a result of this.

Cybercorre has an unparalleled proficiency in cyber security and continuously exceeds expectations when delivering services to organisations. We understand that the process of approaching your cyber security functions can be a daunting one, so we offer a free consultation to help you on the first step of your journey.


The average cost of cybercrime a year for companies.

206 Days

Before you realise you’ve been breached


Of organisations experienced a breach in the last year

*Statistics sourced from the Ponemon Institute’s ‘Cost of Cyber Crime’ report.


At Cybercorre, we pride ourselves on always integrating the latest technologies into our platform. The threat of the digital world is continuously growing and we keep up with this demand to ensure the absolute best service for the organisations that we work with.

As a part of Procorre’s network, Cybercorre can readily pull expertise from a skilled senior management team and over 1000 experienced consultants to implement your solutions. Procorre’s vast talent pool consists of countless Chief Information Security Officers, Compliance Specialists, Information Security Experts and many more.

We also understand that every organisation has different needs, this is why we create bespoke, tailored support and provide a free consultation to help you begin your journey. Through Cybercorre, organisations are provided with countless benefits including penetration testing, GDPR guidance, staff education through a GCHQ accredited provider and numerous other bespoke services.


Free consultation to discuss your challenges or specific requirements.


We suggest the most appropriate plan to support you, providing expertise to combat risk.


The necessary steps are implemented to prevent cyber-attacks and keep you Cyber safe.

What are the Benefits to You?

Risk Management

We provide an end to end review of the cyber security risk, focusing on business-critical assets (information and technology).


We provide AI, Machine learning – behavioural based training, which will give an effective interactive education through a GCHQ certified provider.

Compliance Management

We provide assurance on third party services, regulated and legal requirements including Data Protection assessments and reviews.

Return on Investment

As the pressure on organisations to meet cyber security standards grows, those who adapt to the demand and achieve new certifications will receive a return on investment from future business endeavours.

Our Services

Cybercorre is unique as a result of its multi-technological platform. Organisations can choose which services they want to benefit from or simply arrange their free consultation to discuss with our team. Some of the services and technologies that make up our platform are:

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer – We can provide a proficient cybersecurity expert to virtually manage your cyber functions. Learn more.
  • Deep Web Scan – We have technology which can scan the dark and deep webs to see if your organisation is mentioned there, this is an extremely effective prevention tool
  • Cyber Resilience Assessment – We can assess your organisation and provide a detailed gap analysis, we can also provide you with recognised cyber certifications. Learn more.
  • Cyber Security Education and Awareness – We can roll out a cybersecurity training and awareness programme to all of your staff, this will provide education through a GCHQ certified provider. Learn more.
  • On-Demand Pen Testing – We can provide an easy-to-use online interface which allows you to schedule tests as and when you need them with quality assured penetration testers. Learn more.
  • GDPR Support – We have countless compliance and GDPR specialists who can provide tailored support to help you navigate new legislation

The above services only cover a fraction of what Cybercorre can deliver. If you have requirements which aren’t listed above or would like to learn more then please contact us to discuss further.

  • Risk Analysis & Control Gap Assessment
  • Technical Advisory Assessment
  • GDPR Assessment
  • Reporting and Recommendations
  • Penetration Testing


CybSafe is a market-leading software that helps organisations take an intelligent approach to cyber and information security awareness.

Cybercorre have developed a close partnership with CybSafe as we both explore innovative ways to educate staff to be more aware of cyber risks that businesses face.

Procorre is a next generation management consultancy which place innovative consultants into projects around the world.

Cybercorre was born as a result of Procorre’s talent pool, where they sourced, identified and nurtured cyber security consultants and brought together expertise to create a new comprehensive platform.

Guardian’s angle is to provide holistic cyber incident response and business continuity consultancy services encompassing pre-event, during event and post-event consultancy.

As a result of our mutual goals and desire to create a more cyber-safe environment for businesses to navigate, we have adopted a close partnership.


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